European Regions Network for the Application of Communications Technology
ERNACT secures a series of new projects that deal with critical innovation topics, such as smart cities, new models for public services and use of IT in the energy efficiency environment. They respond closely to the current development needs of European regions & cities.

Colm Mc Colgan
General Manager
Using Territorial Co-operation to add value to your region's Digital Agenda & Smart Specialisation Plans.
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Knowledge share between ERNACT network’s partners
The ERNACT network of regions allow the know-how share between the Core ERNACT Regions and project partner regions in order to exchange knowledge and improve regions' and cities' capacities and development in fields like innovation, IT or connectivity, among others. In this way, a number of people of Derry City and Strabane District...
ERNACT attend NPA's Lead Partners Seminar & Annual Conference
The Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014 -2020 has organised their Annual Conference in the Marine Institute in Galway (Ireland), addressing Blue Growth as its main theme. NPA programme not only focuses on the Arctic, but also aims to contribute to the Atlantic Strategy. In that way, the attendants got the opportunity to learn...
Digital Innovation Hubs to be set up across Europe
Delivering on the Digitalising European Industrial Strategy, the European Commission is setting up a network of digital innovation hubs in Europe to help SMEs, researchers and public authorities to make the most of new digital technologies.  The level of digitisation in Europe varies greatly according to region, sector and...
Implementing the Digitising European Industry Actions
A digital innovation hubs catalogue will be created to ensure that any industry in Europe can fully benefit from digital innovations to upgrade products, improve processes and adapt business models to the digital change as part of the Digitalising European Industrial Strategy. With an investment of €500 million, a pan-European...
Core ERNACT Regions discuss network's strategy and next steps
The second ERNACT Interregional Management Committee (IMC) meeting of 2017 has taken place in Donegal Town (Ireland), on September. Partners of the network have got together to discuss the new project proposals to be developed for the next year. Furthermore, attendants have reviewed the results of proposals submitted in the...
North West Ireland will host an event on Digital Innovation Hubs
Under the title 'Connecting Digital Hubs and Innovation Centres across Europe' and as part of the ERUDITE project where ERNACT participates as partner, the event will gather in October representatives from Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia and Sweden to discuss on the role that digital innovation hubs can play in the...
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