Environmental and energy best practices of our project partners in Sweden

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CLEAN’s project partners, ALAV, are developing many good practices to improve the county’s environmental and sustainability situation.
11 September 2017 - CLEAN  project

The CLEAN project partners from Sweden, the Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland (ALAV), are collating good practices and developing a regional action plan through the following projects:

1. Sustainable future in Västernorrland

A regional project between five municipalities and county councils led by ALAV to increase sustainability in Västernorrland. Ten different activities have been performed in the project. To learn more watch this video.

2. Environmental and energy program suggests large solar cell expansion in the region

In the energy and climate program, the county council has targets for self-produced electricity. A major effort will be made primarily on solar cells on real estate in the next few years. Read more here.

The largest solar panel wall in the Northern region 

2500 square meters’ wall surface is covered with black solar panels at the BAE System in Örnsköldsvik. The solar panels installed are the third generation of solar panels from the Chinese company Trina Solar. The wall is as big as half a football ground. More information here.

4. Soley - a solar map to increase local fossil-free energy production 

This is the first regional solar map in Sweden for local sun production, says Håkan Grundel, manager of Regional Energy Agency, Västernorrland County. The map covers all seven municipalities in the county. All buildings in the region over fifteen square meters will be included. It consists of a 3D map in combination with beam data from the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute. It gives a picture of how much kWh of solar energy will reach a roof. More information here.

5. The Sustainability Council 

On September 15th sixteen high profile politicians will meet in Kramfors and discuss sustainable transport, sustainability reporting and investigate the possibility of joining the Mayor's agreement. It will be a natural consequence if everyone in the region decides on a fossil-free region. 

6. All seven municipalities in Västernorrland are members of Sweden's eco municipalities

The main purposes of this membership are: 

• The guiding principle of Sekom is to encourage development towards a more sustainable society, where they have a sound environment while at the same time, people have a high quality of life. 

• The main purpose of Sekom is to provide a forum and a meeting place where politicians and municipal employees can exchange information and learn from each other’s successes and failures. More information here.

7. Sustainable travel in Västernorrland 

Sustainable travel is a collaborative project in Västernorrland that focuses on reducing CO2 emissions on mission trips and work trips to and from work. Participants are six municipalities, the county council, your tour, the Swedish Transport Administration, the municipal association ALAV and the county administrative board in Västernorrland county with a total of 27,000 employees. More information here (in Swedish only).

The County Council’s activities in the shape of healthcare, service organisations, public transport and regional development have a significant environmental impact. All activities and all work within Västernorrland County Council shall contribute to sustainable development.

Read more on the CLEAN project where partners ERNACT and ALAV are working together with seven other partners to address the challenge of how best to meet EU energy efficiency targets for buildings in Europe’s regions.

Click here to email  Eilis McFadden at ERNACT for further information

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